Everest Gymnastics: Parenting a Child With Gold Medal Potential

All children have the potential to excel at something, but those who do so at sports are some of the most challenging to support. According to the coaches at Everest Gymnastics, parenting athletes with professional potential is a long and arduous road that is not without sacrifices. Here, the staff opens up about what it is like to foster greatness in the next generation of sports role model.

Q: How do I know if my child’s abilities are more than just “good?”

Everest Gymnastics: Many of the world’s greatest athletes showed promise from a very early age. Often, especially in gymnastics, new movements tend to come easily for a natural athlete. Like a high-performing academic, a gifted athlete may learn faster than their classmates. You may have other parents pull you aside with comments about your child’s ability. Keep in mind, however, that a truly gifted athlete will catch the attention of their coaches, who will discuss with you more advanced training.

Q: Is it possible to earn a living as a gymnast?

Everest Gymnastics: Absolutely, although you should be aware that elite sports will probably be a significant drain on your family’s budget. Further, your son or daughter will likely never earn an Olympic gold medal, nor the fame that goes along with it, even if they are good enough. That does not mean that they cannot make a living doing what they love. Many gymnasts, in addition to receiving valuable college scholarships, go on to become trainers, choreographers, or even athletic judges. 

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Everest Gymnastics: The Truth About Gymnastics

Everest Gymnastics 71While Everest Gymnastics is known for training some of the nation’s top athletes, head coaches Qi Han and Yiwen Chen explain that gymnastics is not only for the elite. There’s a lot of misinformation out there, and many people blindly accept that gymnastics will never be a part of their lives because they don’t fit the mold or lack the talent to head toward the Olympics. Here are a few of the most common myths surrounding gymnastics to help clear up these unfortunate misconceptions.

Myth: Only the most talented and fit people can participate.

People of all ages, abilities, and sizes participate in gymnastics every day. Aside from physical strength and flexibility, there are very few prerequisites that determine whether or not an individual can train. The coaches at Everest Gymnastics explain that while competitive gymnastics does require a certain level of talent, recreational programs are well within reach for everyone. In fact, gymnastics is a great way to teach children about exercise. Continue reading “Everest Gymnastics: The Truth About Gymnastics”

Everest Gymnastics: Who is Simone Biles?


Simone Biles recently made headlines for winning six of six medals at the 2018 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships in Qatar — a feat not accomplished by an American until now. According to the coaches at Everest Gymnastics, this alone is an incredible achievement but is made even more impressive by the fact that Biles did so after a year-long pause on training. Here, representatives from the US National Team Training Center weigh in on Biles’ career.

Q: Why did Simone Biles quit training for a year?

Everest Gymnastics: Biles decided to take a year off after winning four gold medals and a bronze at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. She trained vigorously for this event, and the break was no doubt well-deserved. In typical Biles’ fashion, she did not simply lounge around during this time, however, and spent 2017 penning her autobiography along with journalist Michelle Buford. She additionally appeared on Dancing with the Stars. Continue reading “Everest Gymnastics: Who is Simone Biles?”

Q&A With Everest Gymnastics: Kaylen Morgan

Kaylen Morgan 1Everest Gymnastics showcases student Kaylen Morgan, who competed in the Gymnix International in Montreal, in the following brief QA session.

Q: Who is Kaylen Morgan?

Everest Gymnastics: Kaylen is one of our most talented gymnasts. At 14 years old, she already has an impressive gymnastics career and was recently chosen as one of just 25 athletes in the country to be appointed to the US National Team. Kaylen is not only an athlete, but also a high school student, with plans to enroll in the University of Michigan in 2022. She is one of the most spirited and dedicated young ladies ever to grace the mats, and we have been honored to watch her develop and refine her skills over the last four years.

Q: What are some of her biggest achievements in gymnastics?

Everest Gymnastics: Kaylen has won many titles in her young life and has been privileged to showcase her athletic abilities in Texas, Chicago, Canada, and many other venues in between. In 2016, Kaylen scored second on the uneven bars at the women’s Junior Olympic National Championships. She went on in 2017 to also place second on the uneven bars and fifth all-around at the Hopes Championships. But if you ask her, she will likely say that what she is most proud of is her personal relationships, especially with her little brother. Continue reading “Q&A With Everest Gymnastics: Kaylen Morgan”

Everest Gymnastics | Six Athletes Qualify for Junior Olympic National Championships

There is always something to celebrate at Everest Gymnastics. For May, this is the gym’s inclusion in the 2019 Junior Olympic National Championship. Not one, but six Everest athletes were selected.

According to coaches at Everest Gymnastics, Julianna Weil, Haleigh Bryant, Bryn Bartman, Emily Buffington, Amber Lowe, and Leanne Desmond will represent Everest in Indianapolis on May 18 and 19.

The Junior Olympic National Championships will feature more than 650 gymnasts from across the country. The event, which is staged by USA Gymnastics, showcases 12 age divisions for junior and senior athletes. There are four exercises: floor, balance beam, vault, and uneven bars. Only the top seven gymnasts from each of USA Gymnastics’ eight regions are invited to attend. Of these, the top four from each age group qualify for the Junior Olympic National Team. These girls will be invited to attend a special Olympic training camp where their skills will be further evaluated and refined. Continue reading “Everest Gymnastics | Six Athletes Qualify for Junior Olympic National Championships”

Kaylen Morgan: An Everest Gymnastics Star Shines in Montreal

Kaylen Morgan 1Montréal, Canada, is slated to host the Gymnix International, and Everest Gymnastics’ very own Kaylen Morgan will make her international debut for the Women’s U.S. National Team during the event.. Kaylen, a student at North Carolina Connections Academy, was born in Woodstock, Georgia. She’s been attending Everest Gymnastics for the last four years and was recently appointed to the Junior National Team.

According to the staff of Everest Gymnastics, Kaylen is a remarkable young athlete with a natural talent in all areas. The Gymnix International is her first international event. Kaylen has impressed judges for many years and competed in the 2017 Hopes Championships. She has also been to many Junior National meets as a level 10 gymnast and competed in the 2018 Nastia Liukin Cup.

Kaylen is a fine example of what hard work and dedication to do. The coaches, staff, students, and parents of the Everest family are proud of her accomplishments and excited that she will represent the school at such a momentous event. Continue reading “Kaylen Morgan: An Everest Gymnastics Star Shines in Montreal”

Everest Gymnastics Hosts Eighth Annual Everest Classic

Everest Classic 3Hough High School’s basketball court was recently a flurry of activity. But it wasn’t dribbles and dunks that took center stage. Athletes from Everest Gymnastics took over the school’s gymnasium for the annual Everest Classic. More than 500 talented gymnasts from North and South Carolina and Georgia took part in the event.

Q: What is the Everest Classic?

Everest Gymnastics: The Everest Classic is one of the biggest gymnastics events in the state. This is the eighth year that Everest has sponsored the competition, which saw more than 500 Junior Olympic gymnasts and Xcel athletes show off their skills on the floor, balance beam, vault, and uneven bars.

Q: How many students from Everest participated?

Everest Gymnastics: We are elated to claim that 89 of our own students qualified for the Everest Classic. More than just individual performances, our teams really brought their stuff, and we are pleased to say that seven groups of girls made first place. Continue reading “Everest Gymnastics Hosts Eighth Annual Everest Classic”

Everest Gymnastics Announces 2019 National Gymnastics Banquet Honorees


Everest Gymnastics

Everest Gymnastics athletes Savannah Goveia and Amber Lowe already have something to celebrate for 2019. These young gymnasts have been invited to and will be recognized at the National Gymnastics Banquet in Las Vegas on February 9th.

Savannah and Amber recently received the news of their invitation following the 2018 HOPES Qualifier. The event, which has been held each year since 2006, was created to honor young gymnasts. The HOPES competition can be best described as a pre-elite program for adolescents not quite ready to commit to an Olympic or professional path. It should be noted, however, that the competition is just as intense and is an excellent entry into professional sports for these talented athletes.

Hosted at the same time as the 2019 Brestyan’s Las Vegas Invitational, the National Gymnast Awards & Banquet celebration is the only event of its kind. Here, talented up-and-coming gymnasts are recognized at a national level and have an opportunity to meet and mingle with their peers. According to Everest Gymnastics coaches, the event is not just about glory or praise. The banquet is a night of fun and a rare opportunity for coaches, parents, gymnasts, and their families to come together to celebrate a new generation of athletes. Continue reading “Everest Gymnastics Announces 2019 National Gymnastics Banquet Honorees”

Everest Gymnastics Shares Top 5 Safety Rules

Everest GymnasticsBudding gymnasts are always encouraged to do their best, have fun, and try new things. But this exploration comes with rules, which are meant to keep little bodies safe. Here, Everest Gymnastics notes five of the top safety rules for all students.

  1. Watch out below

The mat is one of the most important aspects of any routine, and it can mean the difference between a severe injury or a surmountable bump along the path toward skill perfection. While Everest Gymnastics offers students the safety of regulation mats, the instructors encourage diligence throughout the gym as injuries can occur anywhere. Continue reading “Everest Gymnastics Shares Top 5 Safety Rules”

Everest Gymnastics: What it Takes to Become an Olympic Gymnast

Everest Gymnastics

Almost every young gymnast dreams of representing the Red, White, and Blue. However, according to the professionals at Everest Gymnastics, it’s a long and challenging road, and only the most dedicated, talented, and determined athletes earn a chance to go for the gold. Here are a few tips to help the young gymnast in your life prepare for the challenge.

Start training at an early age.

Everest Gymnastics offers programs for toddlers, which is actually not too early to begin training for the Olympics. While there is a minimum age of 16 to compete at an international level, younger athletes have many opportunities to gain recognition. Each year, there are hundreds of gymnastics competitions held at the local, state, and national level where students of all ages can show off their skills. Continue reading “Everest Gymnastics: What it Takes to Become an Olympic Gymnast”