Everest Gymnastics Shares Top 5 Safety Rules

Everest GymnasticsBudding gymnasts are always encouraged to do their best, have fun, and try new things. But this exploration comes with rules, which are meant to keep little bodies safe. Here, Everest Gymnastics notes five of the top safety rules for all students.

  1. Watch out below

The mat is one of the most important aspects of any routine, and it can mean the difference between a severe injury or a surmountable bump along the path toward skill perfection. While Everest Gymnastics offers students the safety of regulation mats, the instructors encourage diligence throughout the gym as injuries can occur anywhere. Continue reading “Everest Gymnastics Shares Top 5 Safety Rules”

Everest Gymnastics: What it Takes to Become an Olympic Gymnast

Everest Gymnastics

Almost every young gymnast dreams of representing the Red, White, and Blue. However, according to the professionals at Everest Gymnastics, it’s a long and challenging road, and only the most dedicated, talented, and determined athletes earn a chance to go for the gold. Here are a few tips to help the young gymnast in your life prepare for the challenge.

Start training at an early age.

Everest Gymnastics offers programs for toddlers, which is actually not too early to begin training for the Olympics. While there is a minimum age of 16 to compete at an international level, younger athletes have many opportunities to gain recognition. Each year, there are hundreds of gymnastics competitions held at the local, state, and national level where students of all ages can show off their skills. Continue reading “Everest Gymnastics: What it Takes to Become an Olympic Gymnast”

Everest Gymnastics Now Has Two Locations

Everest GymnasticsSanta brought a little something extra last year to Everest Gymnastics students in the form of a new location. Everest North features 32,000 feet of floor space and an expansive selection of USAG Certified Equipment. The recreation and training facility officially opened its doors in December and began the new year with a full load of classes. Continue reading “Everest Gymnastics Now Has Two Locations”