Everest Gymnastics Shares Top 5 Safety Rules

Everest GymnasticsBudding gymnasts are always encouraged to do their best, have fun, and try new things. But this exploration comes with rules, which are meant to keep little bodies safe. Here, Everest Gymnastics notes five of the top safety rules for all students.

  1. Watch out below

The mat is one of the most important aspects of any routine, and it can mean the difference between a severe injury or a surmountable bump along the path toward skill perfection. While Everest Gymnastics offers students the safety of regulation mats, the instructors encourage diligence throughout the gym as injuries can occur anywhere.

  1. Always wait for an instructor

Everest GymnasticsEven Olympic gymnasts have a coach present during practice. According to instructors at Everest Gymnastics, coaches do much more than critique form. These professionals are there to provide guidance and, most importantly, to ensure the safety of each athlete. Some of the first lessons preschoolers learn are to always wait for their instructors and to never try and use equipment without an adult present.

  1.  Walk unless you are instructed otherwise

Everest GymnasticsGymnastics inherently involves running. After all, you can not do a tumbling routine without it. However, students, instructors, and parents should walk in the gym any time they are not actively involved on the mat. Everest Gymnastics stresses the importance of being safe by reminding students that an accidental collision could result in an injury that limits the athlete’s ability to participate.

  1. Use your head wisely

Everest GymnasticsThere are very few days that students stay on their feet. Going upside down is just a part of the sport. However, the coaches at Everest Gymnastics caution against supporting full body weight on the head, which can cause short-term neck pain and long-term damage.

  1. Stretch

Stretching is an integral part of any athletic program, and Everest Gymnastics encourages stretching both in the gym and at home before practice. Stretching helps to prepare the muscles and joints for activity and can help prevent strains and sprains.

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